All calls must be made over HTTPS via basic-authentication.

The key for each request is provided after registering on https://aristander.ai/signup

Below is a brief description of each of the steps required for integration of AristanderAI into your e-commerce shop.

Session ID

Every user-related API call requires a parameter "session_id". This session ID must uniquely identity the session of the user. It can be any value as long as it's guaranteed to be unique to a user-session.

A session is typically defined by your web server - but should form a chain of events. For example, a session is usually from when a user opens your web site to when they close it. Each event requires a session ID so that events can be associated with the same session. If a user browses to a product, adds it to a cart, and orders it - all of these events require the same session ID. Our recommendation is to hash this session ID for obscurity.

md5(session_id + salt);

Event Tracking

Event tracking tracks a user's behavior throughout the website. This include page visits, basket additions/deletions, and login events. Together, all of these events form a "chain" which are used to model user behavior.

Product Information

There a few piece of information that Aristander requires about each product to make good pricing decisions:

  • minimum price: the absolute minimum of a price

  • maximum price: the absolute maximum of a price

  • default price: the price that would normally be assigned to this product, i.e. before Aristander optimization

  • net unit cost: this is the price it costs to manufacture a product

A/B Testing

All of the above would be useless without validation. That's why AristanderAI provides automated A/B testing so that you can visualize and measure the difference before and after implementing Aristander.

While data is provided via validation API, validation data can be accessed via the dashboard at https://dashboard.aristander.ai

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